Personal Care

The Personal Care Centre (commonly called the PCC) offers a caring and concerned environment for:

Recuperating patients

People who are no longer able to care for themselves in the their own home

Because we have a small facility offering accommodation for a maximum of 15 people, there is a family atmosphere.

Accommodation is provided in air conditioned double or single rooms, al-though single rooms are not always available.
If they wish, people in single rooms can bring their own furnishings.

The Centre is staffed 24 hours a day by qualified nursing sisters or staff nurses and certificated care givers.
The Centre caters for dietary needs such as diabetes or special feeding arrangements.

The Centre hosts a weekly clinic conducted by our local doctors. The local doctors are also available to make calls on patients in our Centre or on residents in our retirement village
PCC residents can enjoy sitting under the shady trees. On fine weather days non-ambulant patients can be taken for wheelchair walks to enjoy the pretty gardens in our Village.

Each Village resident is issued with a panic button to call for the aid of a sister or staff nurse on duty, in the case of a medical emergency. The control box is in the PCC.

For a nominal fee all villagers can have minor medical care such as sugar, urine, blood pressure tests as well as stitch removals.


WFGDN’s PCC Tariffs Villagers June 2019


House visit by Sister / Staff nurse

R108.00 per 30 mins or less
R53.00 for every 15 mins thereafter

House visit by Caregiver

R49.00 per 30 mins or less
R20.00 for every 15 mins thereafter

NB :  All patients not residing in the Village will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of R 5000.00  

Sister in charge: Sr Jacky Van Schalkwyk

Tel: +27 31 763 3158